Ray Sasser, a seasoned real estate investor in Houston, expanded his entrepreneurial ventures by founding United Group Water Damage, a company specializing in water damage restoration. This strategic move complements his long-standing expertise in the real estate sector, particularly in dealing with properties affected by water-related damages.

Ray’s experience in real estate investment, particularly his approach of buying, repairing, and selling flood-damaged homes, laid a strong foundation for United Group Water Damage. The company offers an array of services, including water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire damage restoration, and solutions for storm and flood damage. This spectrum of services not only caters to the immediate needs of property owners post-disaster but also aligns with Ray’s deep understanding of the Houston property market and its challenges.

His insights into the Houston real estate market, especially post natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, reflect an acute awareness of the opportunities and risks in this sector. By establishing United Group Water Damage, Ray not only leverages his experience in real estate but also addresses a critical need in the Houston community – restoring homes and helping property owners navigate the aftermath of water-related disasters.

The founding of United Group Water Damage marks a significant step in Ray’s career, blending his expertise in real estate investment with a service-oriented approach to disaster recovery. It demonstrates his commitment to providing holistic solutions in the real estate sector, especially in areas prone to natural disasters. Ray’s entrepreneurial journey, from investing in flood-damaged homes to founding a company dedicated to restoring them, illustrates a unique blend of business acumen and community service.

This venture is particularly pertinent given Houston’s history with floods and the increasing frequency of such events. By offering comprehensive restoration services, United Group Water Damage not only aids in the immediate recovery of properties but also plays a role in the long-term resilience of the real estate market in Houston. It’s a testament to Ray’s foresight and adaptability as an entrepreneur in responding to the evolving needs of the real estate market in a city that continues to grow and face environmental challenges.

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