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United Group Water Damage will help you carefully and quickly get rid of mold to get your home back to safe living conditions as soon as possible.

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Do You Need Mold Removal Help? Let Us Get Rid Of Mold For You!

If you notice any indication of mold in your home, mold remediation services are critical. Here are some common signs of mold growth:
  • Your home has a bad odor that gives off a damp or musty smell.
  • You have a persistent cold or cough.
  • You’re experiencing continued asthma or allergy exacerbations.
  • There are strange spots on clothes, walls, floors, and/or furniture.
  • Your home’s wallpaper or paint is peeling.
  • There are unusual water spots and/or puddles in your home.
While these are the most common signs, it’s important to know that mold can go unnoticed. If you suspect anything unusual that could be mold, contact a mold remediation company like United Group Water Damage. Trained specialists can determine if there’s a mold issue in your home and use appropriate mold remediation spray and clean up.

How Mold Remediation Companies Can Help You Remove Mold

Often, homeowners and renters want to ignore mold or tackle it on their own. We highly recommend against this as mold can be a serious issue. This is why working with a reputable mold remediation service like United Group Water Damage is essential.

Mold Isn’t Easy to Remove

Removing mold isn’t as simple as cleaning the affected area. In order to do it the right way, the area has to be adequately prepared and tested first. Then, the treatment and clean-up take various specific steps. Experienced, licensed mold remediation companies know how to do this.

A Professional Mold Remediation Spray Company Has the Right Equipment

While you may be able to get a good understanding of how to adequately remove mold from your home, there’s more equipment involved than many people realize. The experts have everything they need to safely and effectively remove and prevent mold.

And They Can Prevent Mold From Spreading or Returning

One of the most significant mold issues is that it’s known to come back. Itmust be taken care of the right way to stop spreading and not return.

Why Get Rid of Black Mold Sooner Rather Than Later?

While mold growth in your home can create stress, there are benefits of working with a mold remediation company like United Group Water Damage.

The Problem Goes Away Sooner

Dealing with mold can be a nightmare. It smells and looks bad, but it can also damage your home and negatively affect your health. The good news? If you take care of mold as soon as possible, these problems can certainly go away so you can return to normalcy.

A Mold Remediation Service Saves You Money & Time

Get it right the first time by working with a mold removal company. Although it can be tempting to DIY mold clean-up, a professional team will save you money and time in the long run. Whereas trying to fix it yourself will likely lead to the problem returning again and potentially worsening.

You Don’t Run the Risk of Poor Health

The biggest reason you shouldn’t avoid a mold issue or try to remedy it yourself is that mold growth is a serious problem that can lead to serious health issues. Mold exposure can significantly affect your respiratory system and cause problems like colds and asthma.

Mold remediation spray services and removal is the best way to avoid or recover from related health complications.

Let the experts help you get rid of mold once and for all.


Why Choose United Group Water Damage

Mold Remediation Right Away

We know how important it is to remove black mold as quickly as possible. When you call us, we’ll schedule our team to get to you ASAP. Once mold growth has been detected, our mold experts will take care of it right away.

Reasonable rates

While investing in mold cleanup is critical, we don’t expect our customers to spend more than they have to. We offer high-quality services at the most reasonable rates.

Experienced, Qualified Specialists

Our mold remediation services are done by a team of reliable specialists with ample training and experience. This is why they get the job done safely and efficiently the very first time.


Customers come first at United Group Water Damage. Mold growth can be scary, confusing, and upsetting, so we make sure we offer support during this challenging time. We’re understanding, kind, and helpful so that you can feel better about returning to normalcy.

We’re here to remove your mold.


Common Questions About Mold Remediation

Accordion Content

Mold removal is simply cleaning up and removing mold, while mold remediation cleans it up and takes care of any issues that created it to prevent further mold growth.

Usually, when people DIY mold removal, they only clean what’s on the surface. Mold remediation companies will remove it and remediate the problem altogether to keep the mold from spreading or coming back.

No. While you can clean up some evidence of mold on your own, this doesn’t remediate the problem. In fact, trying to clean it yourself can be unsafe. This is why professional mold remediation services are necessary.

The best way for mold remediation is to work with a company that specializes in this. United Group Water Damage has a team of trained, skilled experts who can find mold, address it at the source, remove it, and prevent it from spreading or returning.

Let us help you get rid of mold and keep it away.


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