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Why You May Need Storm Damage & Hurricane Damage Restoration Services

Ideally, our homes would stand strong against bad weather every time. However, this isn’t always the case. The truth of the matter – any storm can cause damage. When this happens, storm damage repair is essential. During a storm, wind, rain, and hail takes place. This can lead to broken doors and windows, water damage, mold growth, and hazardous debris. If a storm has negatively impacted your home in any way, it’s essential to work with a storm damage restoration company like United Group Water Damage to restore your home safely. We’re always here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Potential Types of Storm Damage

When a storm or hurricane occurs, various kinds of damage can happen. These are the most common:

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the leading issues brought on by a storm. It can lead to many problems in your home related to walls, floors, ceilings, appliances, and more. If water damage isn’t repaired, you run the risk of structural issues, electrical problems, mold and mildew, and health complications.

Wind Damage

Often storms lead to high winds. Winds can cause various issues, including loose debris damaging the outside of your home, your roof lifting, and shingles coming off. Storm damage restoration services can take care of this.

Flood Damage

When heavy rain or a hurricane occurs, your home may experience flood damage. Flood damage repair can address issues such as loose flooring, cracks in your home’s foundation, or electrical problems caused by a flood.

Hurricane Damage

Because hurricanes bring wind, heavy rains, and flooding, your home is susceptible to many storm-related issues. Fortunately, storm and hurricane damage restoration companies are equipped to handle all of them.

Hail Damage

Hail caused by storms can create dents, dings, and cracks. This can damage essential structures of your home, like windows, shingles, and gutters.

Types of Storm Damage Restoration & Hurricane Repair Clean Up

Fortunately, there are various storm damage restoration services that address each of these damages:

  • Storm damage restoration service
  • Flood damage restoration service
  • Hurricane damage restoration service

If you have issues related to excess water, wind, or hail, these services have you covered.

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Why Storm and Hurricane Damage Restoration Services?

Although it can be stressful to deal with flood and storm damage clean-up, there are benefits to getting professional help.

Timely Repair

Reputable storm damage restoration companies like United Group Water Damage understand the importance of cleaning up and fixing issues as quickly as possible. Our experienced technicians know what to look for, have the proper equipment, and know what it takes to restore your home to its original condition or better.

Fewer Damages

Storms can cause a lot of damage to your home. A professional flood, storm, or hurricane damage restoration service takes care of all issues so that further problems don’t occur.

Reduced Expenses

If you avoid damages or try fixing them yourself, you may face more expenses later. Avoid this by booking a storm or flood damage repair service with the experts the first time around.

Maintain Your Health

One of the most common problems caused by storms and floods is mold and mildew. This can lead to serious health complications. Storm or flood damage restoration companies know how to precisely remedy these kinds of issues so that you can maintain your health.

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Why Choose United Group Water Damage for Storm and Flood Damage Restoration Services?

United Group Water Damage is dedicated to being the best flood and storm damage restoration company.

Fast Response Time

We know that storm, hurricane, or flood damage clean-up should take place quickly. That’s why we have a record-fast response time. When you call us, we’ll send a specialist to start storm damage restoration services right away.

Skilled, Trained Technicians

Our specialists are highly skilled and trained in storm, flood, and hurricane damage restoration services. This means they get the job done the right way the first time.

Cost-Effective Rates

Spending money on storm, flood, and hurricane damage clean-up is necessary. But we don’t want you paying more than you have to. We offer fair rates for high-quality services.

A Storm & Flood Damage Restoration Company Where Customers Come First

At United Group Water Damage, our number one priority is our customers. We know you’re dealing with a catastrophe, and we want to ease the stress. That’s why we’re kind, helpful, and understanding while delivering the best storm, flood, and hurricane damage repair services.

Storm Damage Restoration Services FAQ

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The best way to clean up after a storm is to call United Group Water Damage right away. Damages caused by a flood or storm can be serious. When professionals are responsible for inspecting damages and cleaning up, your safety is ensured. Move any valuable items away from where any damages are. If there are electronics nearby, you can also unplug these.

Potential damage to look for after a storm is water, wind, flood, hurricane, and hail damage. This may look like unusual water spots or puddles of water, broken windows, doors, or shingles, hazardous debris, and cracked or dented siding.

Again, it’s best to have a professional storm damage repair company do this step for you to assure the assessment is done appropriately and that you stay safe.

Yes. While taking care of damages yourself may seem easier, we don’t recommend that. A flood, storm, and hurricane damage restoration company is trained to safely correct issues caused by bad weather.

United Group Water Damage is a leading hurricane and storm damage restoration company.


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